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Directions: Kingswood Elementary is located at 34 Vrege Court, Hammonds Plains in the  Kingswood subdivision.

Travelling on the Hammonds Plains Road from the direction of Bedford, proceed to the first left (Kingswood Drive) after the lights at the intersection of the Hammonds Plains Road and the Kearney Lake Road. (Tim Horton's is on the corner!)

Take the first right off Kingswood Drive to Brenda Drive; then take the next right to Vrege Court. The school is on your right.

Map: Below are two maps of the school interior (one for the first floor and the other for the second floor).

 Click on each for larger images. 


First Floor

Second Floor


  8:35 First bell 
10:20 -10:35 Recess
11:45 -12:50 Lunch period
12:55 Afternoon classes begin
 2:55 Dismissal for grades primary-6

Office team: Secretary: Rhonda Izzard
                     Principal: Carmelitta MacIntyre
                     Vice Principal: Carie McBay

Payroll requirement: Please see our school secretary upon arrival.

Safe Arrival: Staff report to the safe arrival program through the use of PowerSchool. Substitute teachers can obtain a login for PowerSchool for the day at the office when they arrive. Attendance is required to be done in the morning and after lunch hour.

Duty: Please check the staff binder or daily plan of the teacher you are supplying for to see if they are on duty today. In the morning, all students come into their classes upon arrival. All students go outdoors at recess and lunch, weather permitting. Each grade level has a specific play area and each teacher has a specific duty area. This information will be indicated in the teacher's plan book. Teachers are expected to meet their students at the door at the end of recess and lunch. Teachers are not on duty at lunch time. All teachers accompany students to the buses at the end of the day.

Fire Drill Procedures: Exit routes should be posted in each classroom. Students are to leave classrooms orderly, and in single file. No running and no talking! Teachers are to ensure, as much as possible, that all windows are closed, lights out, and doors closed - not locked. Teachers are to take their register with them. Attendance must be taken. Teachers pair off and one from each pair must report that all students are accounted for to the secretary, who will be standing in front of the school building. Students are not to re-enter the building until instructions have been given by a member of administration. Teachers are to lead their students into the building.

Photocopier: The copiers are located 1) in a room found by going through the main office. 2) in the work room next to the staff room.

Classroom Computer: Each teacher has a unique login to the network at school. To access the teacher computer, teachers may have left the login in their plan books. If not, check with the office for a generic login.

Peanut Products and Use of Scents: Kingswood Elementary is a peanut free and scent aware school. No peanut products are served in the school and all members of the school community are aware of the need to avoid such products before coming to school. All members of the school community are encouraged to use scent free products where possible.


Kingswood Elementary is part of the Halifax Regional School Board   


Last updated on June 29, 2017